Consent and tea!

Protect it, register it

Register your expensive property and any other precious belongings for free at, it only takes a couple of minutes and once you have registered you will have a better chance of getting your property back if it’s lost or stolen.

Keep safe

When out at night try to have a friend walk with you, or walk in a group. Stick to well lit areas, or better still use a registered taxi! If you are walking alone, if possible always walk facing the oncoming traffic – and be aware of your surroundings.

Sexual Offences

‘Rape – Time to Stop’ is a new campaign being run by Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary which aims to prevent offences of rape and serious sexual offences in both counties.

If you’re thinking of having a fun night out in Suffolk, keep your yourself, friends and family safe!

– Stick with your friends, you’ll be much safer

– Pre book your Taxi so you get home safe

– Keep an eye on your belongings

– Register your valuables with

– Drinking is not a crime but RAPE is, THINK about your actions

– Keep your home safe and lock your doors and windows

Arrange a meeting point and rendezvous times in case you get separated from your friends. Drink too much and you’re likely to feel disorientated.

Don’t Lose Your Friends

If you have sex without consent you could end up going to prison for rape. Just like with alcohol you need to know when to stop! Saying no means the same in every language.

Under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable situation

Time to Stop

Pace Yourself

The best way to avoid problems from alcohol is to stay within the recommended limits. So keep a count of what you are drinking. Recognise when you’re drinking too quickly. Sometimes you might just be thirsty rather than really wanting an alcoholic drink. Don’t ruin the rest of the weekend by overdoing it on Thursday.

Drink Aware

Give your body a break from the booze on at least one of the days and avoid morning drinking altogether. Drinking too much alcohol can have serious effects on your health. To find out more about the effects of alcohol on your health please visit:

Alcohol affects everyone in very different

Think When You Drink

Alcohol can make people more

Think Fights

Stick to it. Think Again before you drink another drop

You Know Your Limit

Never leave your drinks unattended even soft drinks get spiked.



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