Protect it, register it


Keep your home and valuables safe this Christmas!

To Protect It, Register It

Register your expensive property and any other precious belongings for free at, it only takes a couple of minutes and once you have registered you will have a better chance of getting your property back if it’s lost or stolen.

Any item can be registered on Immobilise. The easiest items to log are electricals or anything that has a serial number such as laptops; tablet Pc’s, Smart Phones, mobile phones, digital cameras and home entertainment systems. You can you can even log jewellery or ornamental items using the photo upload and description functions.

The database is linked directly to police systems, so when officers recover any property, for whatever reason, they can check it against items logged on Immobilise.

You can register as many items as you like and if they are lost or stolen simple report it to Immobilise via your online account.
By registering your property on Immobilise and marking it as such you could reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime.

Get the app

As the owner of a new mobile device, have you given any thought to how you would get it back if it was lost or stolen?

Did you know that you can download free applications/software to your Smart Phone or Tablet to help you track the device if it is lost or stolen?

Downloading the application/software is straightforward and usually only takes a few moments. If your device is lost or stolen, you can use another phone or in some cases a computer to send a message to your device. Your device can then provide a map or other location information and in some cases be locked remotely. If the device is stolen you can pass this information to police. This simple, free application can be an invaluable tool to ensure the safe return of your mobile device (including the personal data it holds) and also assist in the prosecution of offenders.

Mobile Phone Tracking
To download a tracking application, simply go to the website for your phone’s manufacturer and download a tracking/finding application. Other applications are available via internet searches.

Laptop/Tablet Software
Prey ( is free software that you can download to your laptop or tablet. Other software is available via internet searches. Once you have downloaded the application, it is a good idea to try activating the search facility in order to be familiar with how it works before you need to use it

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