Sexual offences



‘Rape – Time to Stop’ is a new campaign being run by Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary which aims to prevent offences of rape and serious sexual offences in both counties.

Remember ‘No Means No’ – if you do not get a yes don’t have sex. Saying no means the same in every language.

Key messages
Raise awareness of rape and sexual violence and the local services available to support victims.
Educate prospective victims and their friends about personal safety.
Increase confidence among victims in reporting to police and Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs).
Educate prospective offenders on the law and consequences of committing acts of sexual violence.

Time to stop: Work with us to help prevent rape and sexual violence offences in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Time to act: Young women, help protect yourselves and your friends by staying safe.

Time to think: Rape is sex without consent or when the victim is incapable of consenting.

Time to call: Call police on 101 or 999 in an emergency or search ‘Sexual Assault Referral Centre’.

Many people think of stranger rape – the stereotypical man waiting in a dark alley for a woman. This does happen, but rarely. In most cases rapists already know their victim, and these offences are called acquaintance rapes. The offender and victim may be close friends, or work together, or perhaps they’ve had consensual sex in the past, but when it is unwanted and forced, this is still rape.

What are the consequences?
Have sex with someone who hasn’t said yes to it and you could end up going to prison, for rape.
The maximum sentence that a judge can impose is life imprisonment. But even if you don’t receive a sentence of this length, the conviction will remain with you for the rest of your life and you’ll be placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Getting Help:

We understandthat there are many different reasons why people may not feel comfortable approaching the police to report that they’ve been raped. Some people say they are too embarrassed or ashamed; that they want to forget it has happened, or the thought of going to court is just too daunting.

Suffolk Police are working hard to make sure that our victims’ needs are at the heart of every investigation. We have a dedicated team of officers to support you.

If you still do not feel comfortable reporting to us, please think about having a chat with someone from the The Ferns who can advise and support you further.

Contact details for The Ferns:

Call: 0300 123 5058  Email:  Tel: 01473 668974

Useful websites  – help and support for all victims of sexual assault – 24hr free phone helpline for women experiencing domestic violence, their family, friends, colleagues and others calling on their behalf – provide confidential emotional support 24/7 to those experiencing despair, distress or suicidal feelings

Keep safe and pre-book your taxi this Christmas!

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